amoeboid movement meaning in Hindi

amoeboid movement sentence in Hindi

• अमीबाभ गति
• अमीबीय गति
amoeboid:    अमीबाभ अमीबीय
movement:    आन्दोलन गति
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  1. Microbiologists often use the terms " amoeboid " and " amoeba " interchangeably for any organism that exhibits amoeboid movement.
  2. P . polycephalum is one of the easiest eukaryotic microbes to grow in culture, and has been used as a model organism for many studies involving amoeboid movement and cell motility.
  3. In eukaryotic unicellular cells, amoeboid movement and cilium or the eukaryotic flagellum are the main effectors ( e . g ., immune cells also move to where they need to be.
  4. In cancer cells, NEDD9 can drive mesenchymal-type movement by activating RAC1 GTPase and WAVE in complex with its GEF DOCK3, which in turn cause inhibition of GTPase Rho and amoeboid movement.

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