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  1. New York Point competed with the American Braille alphabet, which consisted of fixed cells two points wide and three high.
  2. "' American Braille "'was a popular braille alphabet used in the United States before the adoption of standardized English braille in 1918.
  3. Such frequency-based alphabets were used in Germany and the United States in the 19th century ( see American Braille ), but none are attested in modern use.
  4. Wait advocated the New York System as more logical than either the American Braille or the English Braille alphabets, and the three scripts competed in what was known as the " War of the Dots ".
  5. However, the letter frequencies of German were very different from those of English, so that frequency-based German braille alphabets were utterly alien to readers of frequency-based American Braille, as well as to numerically based German, English, and French Braille.
  6. Rather than ordering the letters numerically, as was done in French Braille and the ( reordered ) English Braille also used in the US at the time, in American Braille the letters were partially reassigned by frequency, with the most-common letters being written with the fewest dots.
  7. Around 1916, agreement settled on English Braille standardized to French Braille letter order, chiefly because of the superior punctuation compared to New York Point, the speed of reading braille, the large amount of written material available in English Braille compared to American Braille, and the international accessibility offered by following French alphabetical order.
  8. Books written in embossed alphabets like braille are quite bulky, and New York Point's system of two horizontal lines of dots was an advantage over the three lines required for braille; the principle of writing the most common letters with the fewest dots was likewise an advantage of New York Point and American Braille over English Braille.

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