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  1. In Utsu city, citizens frequently throw stones at ambulance cars.
  2. Some 55 ambulance cars were on hand to transport bodies to their homes for burial.
  3. On many occasions, fire was opened at ambulance cars.
  4. In 2008, Budapest Bank donated an ambulance car after it was driven from Budapest to Bamako.
  5. The final scene shows the ambulance car drive away as the credits start to roll ..
  6. He is carried off the court and tragically dies in the ambulance car before reaching the hospital.
  7. One special job was the conversion of six second-class carriages into ambulance cars, for the transport of wounded soldiers.
  8. A pregnant woman ( Mylene Dizon ) was accidentally hit by an ambulance car that killed her unborn child.
  9. A Squadron captured three grounded German aircraft, taking prisoners, and B Squadron captured five ambulance cars with their drivers.
  10. As the ambulance is cutting the ropes and placing him in the ambulance car, Jimmy has a vision of his future.

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