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  1. Round ductwork elbow allowable stresses are reduced due to the elbow curvature.
  2. Above this temperature, the allowable stress is derated.
  3. Such allowable stresses are also known as " design stresses " or " working stresses ."
  4. Current steel designs are based on the reduction in the allowable stress, service life or regular inspection regime.
  5. Note that Allowable Strength Design is NOT equivalent to Allowable Stress Design, as governed by AISC 9th Edition.
  6. Therefore, it is inappropriate to refer to the procedure or philosophy as either Allowable Stress or Permissible Stress Design.
  7. Stress and de rating analysis is intended to increase reliability by providing sufficient margin compared to the allowable stress limits.
  8. For common plain carbon steel under a typical allowable stress limit, its scale height is H " 20 ).
  9. Generally ( except for brittle materials like concrete ) tensile extreme fibres have a higher allowable stress or capacity than compressive fibres.
  10. Wood, steel, and other materials are still frequently designed using allowable stress design, although LRFD is probably more commonly taught in the USA university system.
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