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  1. That is exactly what many fund managers are doing, within allowable limits.
  2. Under IOC rules, the maximum allowable limit for men is 6-to-1.
  3. American Pharmaceutical said the drug's endotoxin levels were within allowable limits.
  4. The allowable limits are from to for a gross weight of.
  5. Schamasch said blood tests showed the athletes'EPO levels were above the allowable limit.
  6. All you have to do is stay under ( the allowable limit ).
  7. In drinking water, however, the maximum allowable limit of arsenic is 50 ppb.
  8. Both readings were above the legally allowable limit for pilots of 0.040 percent.
  9. But he insisted its cargo load was within allowable limits, a statement passengers disputed.
  10. Allowable limits had to be raised to accommodate the plant.
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