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  1. On a joint return, you report your combined income and deduct your combined allowable expenses.
  2. In this case, the driver would be allowed $ 1, 530 for depreciation, bringing her total allowable expenses to $ 4, 324.
  3. The legislation takes away most of the discretion of judges by forcing them to rely on a schedule of allowable expenses written by the Internal Revenue Service.
  4. The result was that East Kent was to provide buses within the borough, with the Corporation receiving 75 % of the profits after certain allowable expenses were deducted.
  5. But he warned that the sharp rise in the proposed ceiling for allowable expenses by candidates in next May's elections would make the polls prone to " money politics ".
  6. Omniplan also included as allowable expenses the purchases of personal houses, a ski lodge, expensive jewelry and personal vacations to exotic locales including Nepal, Singapore and Argentina, the suit said.
  7. The US Government also allows federal travelers to purchase a home at the temporary duty location and claim the allowable expenses of : mortgage interest, property taxes and utility costs actually incurred.
  8. Allowable expenses will include payments to doctors, dentists and hospitals, as well as the cost of drugs, eyeglasses, contacts, chiropractic services, laboratory and nursing home expenses, physical therapy, psychiatric care and X-rays.
  9. The credit would be gradually reduced for families with incomes between $ 30, 000 and $ 59, 000 and would be 20 percent of allowable expenses for those with incomes above $ 59, 000.
  10. States will try to recoup that money by investigating the out-of-state records of their current prisoners and charging other states for the allowable expenses, he said . " I'm not sure what the point of this bureaucratic exercise would be,"
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