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  1. Bloom argues that Dante was a prophetic poet rather than a theological allegorist.
  2. In the early modern period, classical scholarship rejected claims that Plato was an allegorist.
  3. Varma became the best-known allegorist of Indian subjects in his depiction of scenes from the epics of the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
  4. Thus for example Heraclitus'The Allegorist'quoted fr . 326 and part of fr . 6, about ships in a storm, in his study on Homer's use of allegory.
  5. Salmon was an allegorist, and is said to have'sowed the seeds of ranting familism .'In midsummer 1655 Salmon went abroad, and his followers brought Coppin from London to fill his place.
  6. As an allegorist who could read into the ancient documents the particular philosophical idiosyncrasies of his day, Anatoli deserves a place beside other allegoric and philosophical commentators, from Philo down; indeed, he may be regarded as a pioneer in the application of the Maimonistic manner to purposes of popular instruction.
  7. The movie did not clarify that it was the first of seven " chronicles " of the land of Narnia; or that Lewis was the foremost religious allegorist in the English language since John Bunyan; or that his fabled classroom lectures ( at both Oxford and Cambridge ) were the primary basis for a series of eloquent book-length Christian sermons.

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