all skin and bone meaning in Hindi

all skin and bone sentence in Hindi
all:    तमाम सर्वस्व
skin:    पपड़ी खाल चमड़ा
skin and bone:    दुबला skin पपड़ी खाल
and:    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
bone:    काँटा ढाँचा शरीर
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  1. Clean canned or poached salmon of all skin and bones; drain and dry.
  2. When we first met him he was all skin and bones.
  3. 2 cups flaked, smoked, fully cooked, ready to eat salmon ( all skin and bones removed)
  4. And there he is, 17 years old, in the back row, all skin and bones and bouncy.
  5. And he has Dylan's gift for dry, knowing one-liners : when Uncle Sweetheart tells him, " You're all skin and bones, " he calmly replies, " Aren't we all ?"

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