all after meaning in Hindi

all after sentence in Hindi

_के बाद सब
all:    तमाम सर्वस्व
after:    एक के बाद एक अनुरूप
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  1. He did it all after taking the mound with a 2-0 lead.
  2. I don't know where he learned it all after all those years.
  3. This was all after an Admin removed this comment the first time.
  4. All after-tax profits from the ice cream will be donated to charity.
  5. Political leaders have promised full pay to all after the crisis is settled.
  6. I will not buy Stouffer's products at all after seeing it.
  7. Beyer Blinder ranked first over all after the scores were tabulated.
  8. Q . Did your attitude change at all after the New York crash?
  9. "I wasn't really frustrated at all after my first half, though.
  10. The first offense includes suspension from all after school activities for 10 days.
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