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  1. The carbanions generated by deprotonation of terminal alkynes are called acetylides.
  2. Specialty alkynes are prepared by dehydrohalogenation of dihalides or vinyl halides.
  3. In some cases where alkynes are present, phenols sometimes form:
  4. Angles for nucleophilic attack on alkynes were reviewed and redefined recently.
  5. Would an alkyne proton be a sharp peak in proton NMR?
  6. Vinyl silyl can be made from terminal alkyne or other methods.
  7. As an alkyne, acetylene is bonded together in a triple bond.
  8. Alkynes occur in some pharmaceuticals, including the contraceptive noretynodrel.
  9. Alkynes are reduced only if an alcohol group is nearby.
  10. In alkene radicals proton abstraction to an alkyne is preferred.
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  1. a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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