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[ ˌældʒi'breiik ] sound:
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  1. A field with no nontrivial algebraic extensions is called algebraically closed.
  2. obtained by extending the identity map of the algebraic tensor product.
  3. The second column gives an equivalent algebraic formulation of the problem.
  4. This led to modern abstract algebraic notions such as Euclidean domains.
  5. This result shows that the finiteness restriction can have algebraic consequences.
  6. Just as the automorphisms of an algebraic structure form a heap.
  7. Further branches crucially applying groups include algebraic geometry and number theory.
  8. This reduces the problem to the solution of an algebraic equation.
  9. A similar definition can be made for certain other algebraic structures.
  10. In the following discussion, a simplified algebraic model is used.


  1. of or relating to algebra; "algebraic geometry"

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