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  1. The police search operation was headed by airing cupboard in the flat.
  2. Put in airing cupboard afterwords for 24 hour to ensure it is toughly dry!
  3. In the airing cupboard ( or whatever the US equivalent is ), she finds-THE VERY TYPEWRITER ON WHICH THE LETTERS WERE WRITTEN ! !!
  4. A simple agitated wash in a bowlful of weak detergent ( 20 mins minimum ) and a very good rinse off on distilled or de-mineralized water followed by a couple of days to dry off in a warm airing cupboard may be all you need.
  5. "NME " writer Peter Robinson praised the uptempo track and wrote, " Brandy s been off the scene for a while but  What About Us ?  rattles her back to life with the force and devastation of a tortoise being plucked from the airing cupboard and set on fire : this rocks hard, it s the tippest of the top, it gets better with every single listen, and it might well be Rodney s best work since  Say My Name . " Somewhat critical with the track, his colleague Piers Martin found that " What About Us ? " was " a slippery, twitching slab of computer funk that thrusts Brandy, fleetingly, into the 21st century, while Devon Thomas " The Michigan Daily " called it " guaranteed mainstream club play ".


  1. a warm cupboard where you put newly washed clothes until they are completely dry

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