aircraft armaments meaning in Hindi

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वैमानिक आयुध
aircraft:    विमान या वायुयान
armaments:    शस्त्रीकरण युद्ध
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  1. She would have no lighter anti-aircraft armament or torpedo tubes.
  2. Nonetheless her anti-aircraft armament was augmented during 1944.
  3. Eight Lewis guns comprised the ship's anti-aircraft armament.
  4. One of the first applications of the weapon was in aircraft armament pods.
  5. The light anti-aircraft armament consisted of one or two machine guns.
  6. The light anti-aircraft armament consisted of two pairs of machine guns.
  7. Its anti-aircraft armament was also different from that of its sister.
  8. Anti-aircraft armament differed throughout the war.
  9. Accordingly, the Illustrious class was given an extremely heavy Anti-Aircraft armament.
  10. "Mutsu " s anti-aircraft armament was upgraded during 1932.
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