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  1. Accusations of airbrushing created a stir with the media and public.
  2. He also submitted to a political airbrushing by new strategists.
  3. That prompted speculation that Hu had been airbrushing Jiang out of the picture.
  4. However, it has also been lauded for honesty and lack of airbrushing.
  5. Makeup and airbrushing photos are other ways to lighten the appearance of the skin.
  6. He doesn't care about commercializing himself or airbrushing his team's chances.
  7. Josefa Moe is known as an originator of free-hand T-shirt airbrushing.
  8. He enjoys drawing, especially airbrushing, and stated a desire to work on tattoos.
  9. Most of these are " discount salons " that specialize in the airbrushing technique.
  10. Even after several thousand dollars'worth of airbrushing, there was no hiding the truth.

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