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वायुसेना प्रशासन कॉलेज
air:    वायुमंडल
air force:    वायु सेना
force:    गुण जोर ताकत ताक़त
administrative:    प्रशासन प्रशासनिक
college:    महाविद्यालय
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  1. Soon the SKAT was tasked to carry out their first public display  a flawless six-aircraft display for the golden jubilee celebrations of Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore . on September 15, 1996, that was highly appreciated by all those who witnessed it.
  2. The Indian Armed Forces have set up numerous military academies across India for training its personnel, such as the Pilot Training Establishment at Allahabad, the Air Force Administrative College at Coimbatore, the School of Aviation Medicine at Bangalore, the Air Force Technical College, Bangalore at Jalahalli, the Tactics and Air Combat and Defence Establishment at Gwalior, and the Paratrooper s Training School at Agra are some of the other training establishments of the IAF.

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