air analysis meaning in Hindi

air analysis sentence in Hindi

वायु विश्लेषण
air:    वायुमंडल
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. Additionally, the Group serves as the lead for the Global Air Analysis SIGINT mission which analyzes and reports high-interest aerial activity.
  2. During a 2010 air analysis, nanopathologists found that a particular area in the Sila National Park had the cleanest air in Europe.
  3. In addition, he said, WMUR-TV in Manchester, N . H ., another client, has asked him to provide on-air analysis for the 2000 New Hampshire presidential primary.
  4. If Fox News needs to air more international stories, Stack said, " the ideal situation " would be to rely on sister media outlets and on-air analysis from reporters with the company's newspapers, he said.
  5. Miller and Fawbush's findings on atmospheric phenomenon present in past outbreaks would aid in their initial forecast, as the day's surface and upper-air analysis charts determined the same conditions present on March 20 were present on the 25th, concluded that central Oklahoma would have the highest risk for tornadoes during the late-afternoon and evening.

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