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वैमानिक कार्रवाई
हवाई कार्रवाई
air:    वायुमंडल
action:    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
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  1. The air action destroyed remaining resistance, allowing the army to mop up.
  2. If military action is undertaken against Gorazde, substantial air actions will be mounted,
  3. The Japanese lost two Zeros in the day's air actions, but both pilots survived.
  4. There was no immediate word on casualties as a result of the air action.
  5. Poor weather prevented effective air action against the Soviet offensive.
  6. The raid was the seventh NATO air action in Bosnia.
  7. A chronology of NATO air actions in former Yugoslavia.
  8. It was the eighth NATO air action since the Bosnian war began in April 1992.
  9. A chronology of NATO air actions in former Yugoslavia:
  10. We never lost a bomber to enemy air action,
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