aileron reversal meaning in Hindi

aileron reversal sentence in Hindi

एलिरॉन उत्क्रमण
सहपक्ष उत्क्रमण
aileron:    सहपक्ष हवाई जहाज
reversal:    उलटाव खण्डन
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  1. Lack of wing stiffness also resulted in aileron reversal which was discovered and fixed.
  2. The new wing was torsionally 47 % stiffer, allowing an increased theoretical aileron reversal speed of.
  3. The new wing of the piano hinges and geared trim tabs meant that the theoretical aileron reversal speed was increased to.
  4. The prototype B-47's long, swept wing was prone to twisting during aileron reversal to occur at airspeeds lower than expected.

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