aging of wine meaning in Hindi

aging of wine sentence in Hindi

• मद्य कालप्रभावन
• मद्य कॉल प्रभावन
• मद्य वयन
aging:    काल-प्रभावन प्रौढ़
of:    स् का की पर बाबत
wine:    मदिरापान मद्य
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  1. Balint had developed a process to speed the aging of wine.
  2. The racking process is repeated several times during the aging of wine.
  3. The period of the 19th century before the arrival of phylloxera was a golden age of wine.
  4. Of course, those are subjectively bad reactions, while the aging of wine is subjectively good.
  5. "' Wine caves "'are subterranean structures for the storage and aging of wine.
  6. Wine caves naturally provide both high humidity and cool temperatures, which are key to the storage and aging of wine.
  7. Modern winemaking techniques have also introduced temperature controlled fermentation as well as increased usage of oak barrels for the aging of wine.
  8. This is not quite a golden age of wine; in spite of everything there will always be dull or poorly made wines around.
  9. Wine cellars, or wine rooms, if they are above-ground, are places designed specifically for the storage and aging of wine.
  10. Paradoxically, the aging of wine in small barrels made of new oak, a technique adopted by winemakers worldwide, is in fact the Rioja's traditional method.
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