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  1. Some curricula are age specific while others seeks to teach universal principles to those of all ages.
  2. Ali says he intends to qualify all the Chinese Taipei age specific football teams to World Cup Finals.
  3. Furthermore, Gierk et al . ( 2014 ) published gender and age specific percentiles from the German general population.
  4. Spalding started coaching within the professional game as an age specific Head Coach within the Academy at Stirling University.
  5. Age specific on ice activities are for students from 4 18 years old include skills development sessions and game setting scrimmages.
  6. As to the fertility rate, the age specific fertility rate per 1, 000 females aged 20 24 had rebounded since 2008.
  7. We have features for age specific groups such as a full day First Year Camper Program, and our Older Scout High Speed-Low Drag Program as well.
  8. Prior to coaching on the ice in the United States, coaches must complete a certification course and age specific modules sanctioned by USA Hockey and register with USA Hockey.
  9. Allen said there is a need for educational efforts that are age specific and continually reinforced to train children to avoid would-be kidnappers, who tend to lure youngsters rather than snatch them.
  10. NF-1 is an age specific disease; most signs of NF-1 are visible after birth ( during infancy ), but many symptoms of NF-1 occur as the person ages and has hormonal changes.

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