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• दबूसा
after:    एक के बाद एक अनुरूप
part:    अंश बुद्धि मन की
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  1. A mall in Littleton was evacuated after part of a roof collapsed.
  2. Second Officer MacIsaac took command of the after part of the ship.
  3. The living-happily-ever-after part was taken for granted.
  4. Corn slumped after parts of the dry Midwest received precipitation over the weekend.
  5. English Heritage is a bureau that looks after part of the English heritage.
  6. After parts of two seasons with the Bruins, Ranford was traded to Washington.
  7. In 1681, it was briefly abandoned after part of the cliff face collapsed.
  8. The after part of the fuselage itself was flattened to serve as an airfoil.
  9. After parts of the international report were made public, Kurtovic denied allegations of wrongdoing.
  10. Kassala's only hospital was closed Tuesday after part of its building was flooded.
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