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  1. It will be able to reach supersonic speeds without using after burners.
  2. There's an After Burner Disco Dance at 10 p . m . June 6.
  3. When using the Nitrox After Burner, Vert manages to catch up to overtake Gelorum.
  4. "After Burner Climax " was later ported to Xbox Live Arcade and PSP in 2007.
  5. After Burner Climax was de-listed in December 2014, leaving the game no longer available for purchase.
  6. Unlike " After Burner II ", there is no throttle to control speed, nor an ability to barrel roll.
  7. The third game takes a different approach as a third-person perspective game, similar to Sega's " After Burner " games.
  8. It can cruise at speeds faster than sound without after burners, which makes it less of a target for enemy missiles.
  9. After certain stages, players may have a choice of two different stages, an element later revisited in " After Burner Climax ".
  10. M2 ported After Burner II in Sega's 3D Classics series to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan on 2013 and worldwide on 2015.

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