after acquired property meaning in Hindi

after acquired property sentence in Hindi

पश्चात् अर्जित संपत्ति
after:    एक के बाद एक अनुरूप
acquired:    उपार्जित इच्छा
property:    रंगमंचीय सामग्री
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  1. In the insurance industry, an after acquired property clause allows insurance coverage for property the insured obtains after ratification of the policy or contract.
  2. Hughes'older sister Catherine Ball was a socialite, journalist, and novelist who eventually styled herself the " Baroness de Calabrella " after acquiring property in Italy.
  3. Article # 925 on the list is at this moment After acquired property clause, which was created in June 2009 . I suspect from what you say that this is not the turning point.
  4. In the case of secured transactions, whether the after acquired property becomes part of the collateral pledged by the borrower is dependent upon both the language of the security agreement and ?9-204 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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