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वायुगतिक अस्थिरता
aerodynamic:    वायुगतिक
instability:    अस्थायित्व
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  1. The F-16's maneuverability was further enhanced by its slight aerodynamic instability.
  2. In 1999 the Mercedes-Benz CLRs suffered from aerodynamic instability leading to airborne cars.
  3. These fairings introduce too much aerodynamic instability for the old analog system to handle.
  4. Consequently, the aerodynamic center moves upstream thus causing aerodynamic instability.
  5. "Indications are that it was an aerodynamic instability, the thing tumbled, we just don't know the cause, " she said.
  6. This critical half-angle can be estimated using perfect gas theory ( this specific aerodynamic instability occurs below hypersonic speeds ).
  7. The longer fuselage of the Meteor T . 7, a two-seater trainer, significantly reduced the aerodynamic instability that the early Meteors were known for.
  8. It can be used with the Soyuz-2 only, because older analog control system cannot cope with aerodynamic instability introduced by a fairing this large.
  9. He also stated his belief that contact between CLR No . 5 and the Estoril Porsche may have damaged the front diffuser and led to the aerodynamic instabilities.
  10. :As for individual models, a number of World War I aircraft had problems with aerodynamic instability, where a pilot could easily find himself in a flat spin or other uncontrollable situation.
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