aerate meaning in Hindi

aerate sentence in Hindi

• वातीकरण
• गैस भरना
• हवा भरना
• हवा में रखना
• ऑक्सीजन भरना
• वातयुक्त करना
• वायु-संचरित करना
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  1. -- Aerate, fertilize, lime and reseed fescue grass.
  2. Ploughing aerates the soil, helping rot weeds and crop residues.
  3. Thereafter, the most important thing is to aerate the soil.
  4. The fish were exposed to aerated, undiluted, treated effluent.
  5. :: : Modern shaving cream is essentially aerated liquid soap.
  6. In 2000, Rasna launched an aerated fruit drink, Oranjolt.
  7. The charcoal is soaked in aerated water to dissolve the acid.
  8. The floating model can be moved about to aerate a large pond.
  9. They'll steam it, aerate it, steam it again.
  10. A : I definitely believe in the benefits of aerating the soil.
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  1. impregnate, combine, or supply with oxygen; "oxygenate blood"
    synonyms:, ,
  2. aerate (sewage) so as to favor the growth of organisms that decompose organic matter
  3. expose to fresh air; "aerate your old sneakers"

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