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  1. There will also be related advertizing spots on radio and TV.
  2. I think that amounts to simply advertizing your personal ideas.
  3. More importantly you have selected which editors you advertize the RfA to.
  4. It's advertized on TV as the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  5. Near the very bottom so definately not trying to advertize or grand Stand.
  6. I mean, will it be blurry at the resolution advertized or crisp?
  7. I presume it was published by the Greyhound bus company as advertizing material.
  8. Many have died through WP : PROD as copyvios or as blatant advertizing.
  9. Both sexes give out alarm calls, but only males sing to advertize territory.
  10. I am not trying to self-advertize.
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  1. a public promotion of some product or service
    synonyms:, , , ,

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