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  1. It advertently acquired the liabilities when it bought Dresser Industries in 1998.
  2. If you care about precision, use the word advertently or not at all.
  3. This is one of the points in Yudkowsky's work aimed at creating a friendly artificial intelligence that when " released " won't destroy the human race advertently or inadvertently.
  4. Quite aside from the question of Vanunu's rights, by clumsily helping him to attract the world's attention _ rather than letting him drift into exile _ Israel may now i, advertently be undermining the policy Vanunu wanted to change.
  5. Moreover, the " written notice " requirement will further restrict viewing by subscribers who fear for their reputations should the operator, advertently or inadvertently, disclose the list of those who wish to watch the " patently offensive " channel.
  6. In your definition of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency ( PDEA ), the anti-narcotics lead agency of philippine Government you advertently stated that they were issued a COLT 1911.45 pistol after completion of their Drug enforcement Basic Course ( DEOBC ) at the PDEA Academy, PDEA Agents service pistol were issued a NORINCO . 45 pistol after their DEOBC training.
  7. A recent incident that bother me a lot was when I tried to partake in a discussion on Talk : Bangladesh # History where he ( in ) advertently went furious, made challenge, blanked discussion indeed and went to removing a message on my talk where he tried to get help from me on an encounter with another user .  " say " 17 : 50, 25 February 2015 ( UTC)

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