adverse witness meaning in Hindi

adverse witness sentence in Hindi
प्रतिकूल साक्षी
प्रतिकूल गवाह
adverse:    दरिद्र प्रतिकूल
witness:    गवाही दर्शक
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  1. The defense then asked for permission to examine McDonald as an adverse witness.
  2. A . I don't know whether he was an adverse witness or not.
  3. After Elliott's damaging testimony, Teresi declared her an adverse witness.
  4. Called by the government as an adverse witness, Cristina denied she and Joey had sex.
  5. The testimony prompted defense attorneys to ask Justice Joseph Teresi to declare Elliott an adverse witness.
  6. He was a strong opponent of the Manchester Ship Canal, appearing as an adverse witness on six occasions.
  7. The other mistake, he said, was trying to establish a rapport with an adverse witness such as Lewinsky.
  8. I should not be forced to put an adverse witness on the stand to get in this statement as evidence.
  9. At trial Rainey did not testify during his side's case in chief, but he was called by the defense as an adverse witness.
  10. "Just because there are family members on the state's witness list in no way presumes that they are adverse witnesses to Michael Skakel ."
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  1. a witness whose relationship to the opposing party is such that his or her testimony may be prejudiced against the opposing party; "a hostile witness can be asked leading questions and cross-examined"

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