administrative expenses meaning in Hindi

administrative expenses sentence in Hindi

प्रशासनिक खर्च
प्रशासनिक व्यय
administrative:    प्रशासन प्रशासनिक
expenses:    खर्च व्यय
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  1. He said that was offset by higher selling, general and administrative expenses.
  2. And lawyers and administrative expenses hoover up 54 percent of each payout.
  3. Selling, general and administrative expenses jumped 78 percent to $ 39.4 million.
  4. In most states a minimal fee is charged to cover administrative expenses.
  5. Expenditures include runway and building maintenance fees, capital improvements and administrative expenses.
  6. Without the British merchant bank, administrative expenses would have risen 2.6 %.
  7. None of the money had been used for administrative expenses, he stressed.
  8. Expenditures are directed toward staffing, general & administrative expenses, programs and fundraising.
  9. Administrative expenses fell slightly to 3.425 billion pounds from 3.435 billion pounds.
  10. Commenting on costs, SBC said administrative expenses declined in the first quarter.
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