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  1. It is surprising, first, because he largely stayed away from this issue during his first two years as president. To be sure, he met with Middle East leaders, made speeches and rapped some knuckles - but his general approach was to stand aloof and let Palestinians and Israelis sort out their mess on their own. Then, in recent weeks, Arab-Israeli diplomacy moved very quickly from the periphery to the center, becoming as high a priority as it had ever been under prior administrations, perhaps even higher.
    उसके बाद हाल के सत्ताहों में अरब - इजरायल कूटनीति बड़ी तेजी से सतह से केन्द्र में आ गयी और प्रशासन के लिए सदैव से अधिक प्राथमिकता में आ गयी ।
  2. Comments : (1) As in the Brandon Mayfield case, I am totally opposed to payouts for these good-faith mistakes. Law enforcement needs to be able to protect us through these sort of material witness incarcerations, even if most of them turn out to be false leads. (2) Mayfield got $2 million for his two weeks behind bars, or $100 a minute. What will Kidd make out with from the taxpayer? In a case that united the Bush and Obama administrations, the court concluded that [former Attorney General John] Ashcroft deserved immunity because he had not violated any laws in the jailing of U.S. citizen Abdullah al-Kidd. Federal authorities held al-Kidd for 16 days as a potential witness before releasing him without ever calling him as a witness.
    11 सितंबर के आयोग में संकेत दिया गया है कि इस्लामवादी आतंकवाद अमेरिका के समक्ष एक भयंकर खतरा है और कुछ अपवाद को छोड़ दें तो इस्लामवादी आतंकवाद में मुसलमान ही संलग्न हैं. इसलिए मुसलमानों के बजाए गैर-मुसलमानों की ओर ध्यान देना भारी भूल होगी.

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