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  1. The basic change was in the ruling hierarchy and in the administration of funds derived from the existing system of taxation.
  2. Set up in 1949, the committee advised the Minister for Foreign Affairs on the administration of funds allocated for the development of cultural relations with other countries.
  3. Other company services include Administration of Funds and Securities, Credits and Loans, Financial Advisory Services, Investment Research and Financial Analysis, Commodity Services, Transferable Securities and Money-Maker Instruments.
  4. The elections frayed his credibility and starved his administration of funds it needed to make good on promises to Haiti's 8 million people, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere who live in grinding poverty.
  5. Devine said that although the banking license will technically allow RBS Trust to take customer deposits and make loans like other banks, the new business will confine itself to just the custody and administration of fund assets.
  6. The FECA governs various aspects of all federal elections, see 2 U . S . C . s431 et seq ., whereas chapters 95 and 96 specifically govern the administration of funds for presidential election campaigns and the payment of matching funds for presidential primary campaigns.
  7. On January 20, 2006 the President of the Hero Scholarship Fund announced that " After carefully comparing revenues over the past several years, including decreases as well as the expense and difficulty in putting on the show, it has been decided to discontinue the show . . . . " * In April, 2006, James J . Binns, a Philadelphia Lawyer, founded the Hero Thrill Show Inc ., which assumed production of the Hero Thrill Show and the administration of funds generated by the Hero Thrill Show.

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