adjusting screw meaning in Hindi

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• समंजक पेंच
• समायोजी पेंच
adjusting:    समायोजी वाल्व
screw:    खपची जेलर ढक्कन
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  1. A single jet rockers with rollers on their camshaft ends and adjusting screws at the other.
  2. Hence aiming of the barrel was done by adjusting the length of the guys via adjusting screws.
  3. The clamp has an adjusting screw to tighten onto the part and a lifting ring to attach a hoist cable.
  4. The alignment can be modified by adjusting screws on the derailleur and / or barrel adjusters on the cable levers.
  5. In modern presses, the adjusting screws are moved by servomotors which are controlled by the printer at a press console.
  6. The gap between the blade and the ink fountain roller can be controlled by adjusting screw keys to vary the amount of ink on the fountain roller.
  7. Both types of lopper generally have a sprung adjusting screw at the fulcrum, which can be used to tighten the blades as they loosen in use.
  8. The normally periodic and minor changes required to level the sighting head could be performed by removing the cover over the spirit level and then turning a small adjusting screw on the mount.
  9. The azimuth indicated by left edge of the base line arm was arbitrarily determined to be whatever azimuth fit the site, and adjusting screws with a vernier scale allowed for up to . 5 degrees of " tweaking " of the base line arm's orientation.
  10. Power was provided in production K-4s by a Daimler-Benz DB 605DB / DC engine ( very early K-4s used the earlier DM ) . The DB / DC engine had an adjusting screw allowing the engine to use either B4 + MW 50 Methanol Water injection equipment or C3 fuel ( DB 605 DB ) or C3 fuel, with or without MW 50 ( DB 605 DC ).
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