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  1. Also, adhesive bonding has withstood adverse exposures such as sea-water immersion and atmospheres.
  2. Adhesive bonding is a common method of joining in both primary and secondary structures.
  3. These welding systems were then further expanded to adhesive bonding and sealing technologies in the following year.
  4. In structural adhesive bonding, the autoclave forces the parts together and holds them while the adhesive cures.
  5. The adhesive bonding allows the subfloor and the underlayment to expand at different rates without disturbing the tiles above.
  6. Ex-situ bonding is achieved by gluing face sheets with an aluminium foam by adhesive bonding, brazing or diffusion bonding.
  7. Adhesive bonding has the advantage of relatively low bonding temperature as well as the absence of electric voltage and current.
  8. Four ceiling tiles, made of wood fiber and held to the top by adhesive bonding, came crashing down on the seats.
  9. Fiber pull-out ( another form of failure mechanism ) and delamination can occur, in part, due to weak adhesive bonding between the fibers and the polymer matrix.
  10. In a major change from manufacturing precedent, the C2 was the first use of adhesive bonding to join body panels and minimizing the need for rivets in a school bus.

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