additive compound meaning in Hindi

additive compound sentence in Hindi

• योगशील यौगिक
• योज्य यौगिक
additive:    योज्य योगज योजक
compound:    आंगन समास घेरा
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  1. Usually it is not economically or technically feasible to use a single do-it-all additive compound.
  2. In fact, this concept can be traced further back, via Ernest Crocker in 1922, to Henry Edward Armstrong, who in 1890 wrote " the ( six ) centric affinities act within a cycle . . . benzene may be represented by a "'double ring "'( " sic " ) . . . and when an additive compound is formed, the inner cycle of affinity suffers disruption, the contiguous carbon-atoms to which nothing has been attached of necessity acquire the ethylenic condition ".

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