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योगज उत्पाद
addition:    अनुवृद्धि आधिक्य
product:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
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  1. Commercial diazolidinyl urea is a mixture of different formaldehyde addition products including polymers.
  2. Thus, any addition product will be anti to the methyl and syn with the hydroxyl group.
  3. With bromine it gives 1, 4-addition and with chlorine the 1, 2-addition product forms.
  4. This chelation is in contrast to the mechanism for formation of the over-addition product wherein collapse of the tetrahedral intermediate allows a second addition.
  5. He and T . Komnenos had observed addition products to double bonds as side-products earlier in 1883 while investigating condensation reactions of malonic acid with aldehydes.
  6. Instead of reacting with CI  " to give an addition product, the intermediate cation loses the OH  " proton to give an ?-substituted carbonyl compound.
  7. The addition product is converted by bases to N-Cyanaziridine, cyclized in the presence of acids to imidazolines, which can be further reacted to vicinale diamines by alkaline cleavage.
  8. When an alkene reacts with an electrophile, such as HCl, initial addition of H + gives an intermediate cation and subsequent reaction with Cl  " yields an addition product.
  9. Without CuCl, the Grignard reagent alone gives a mixture of 1, 2-and 1, 4-addition products ( i . e ., the butyl adds at the C closer to the C = O ).
  10. "N "-Benzyl-4-piperidone is made when 1 equivalent of benzylamine is condensed with 2 molecules of ethylacrylate and the double conjugate addition product is subject of a Dieckmann cyclization followed by saponification and decarboxylation.
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