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अनुकूली विकास
adaptive:    अनुकूलनीय अनुकूली
evolution:    उद्भेद खुलाव
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  1. Although Berg's theory was anti-Darwinian, and anti-Lamarckian, it still advocated adaptive evolution.
  2. DIT does not assume that replicators are necessary for cumulative adaptive evolution.
  3. The concept, published by Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in a adaptive evolution.
  4. Intraspecific phenotypic plasticity, pre-adaptation and post-introduction evolution are all major factors in adaptive evolution.
  5. Natural selection remains the primary explanation for adaptive evolution.
  6. In the foregoing examples the vestigiality is generally the ( sometimes incidental ) result of adaptive evolution.
  7. Together, this suggests an important role for segmental duplication within human and primate adaptive evolution . [ 3]
  8. The other methods for detecting adaptive evolution use genome wide approaches, often to look for evidence of selective sweeps.
  9. This conversion can actually lead to increased variance in the founding populations which then allows for rapid adaptive evolution.
  10. Most mutations within genes are fitness and are extremely important for evolution, since their directional selection leads to adaptive evolution.
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