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  1. Notable aculeate insects, and possibly " Sphecomyrma ".
  2. Here he worked, unpaid, in the  Insect Room of the Aculeate Hymenoptera.
  3. The larvae of all conopids are parasitoids, most of aculeate ( stinging ) Hymenoptera.
  4. There is a quadricuspid rachidian tooth, the two main cusps being asymmetrical and aculeate.
  5. Bohart s interests in aculeate wasps resulted in one of the most comprehensive collections in the world.
  6. His interest in aculeate wasps contributed to how comprehensive the collection has grown to in current day.
  7. The mesocone is the most developed, long and aculeate, while the endocone is relatively short.
  8. Hutton described them like this : Denticles are all aculeate, and similar, with simple bevelled tips.
  9. Characteristic morphology in this genus is septate hyphae giving rise to thin, tapered aculeate phialides that are usually unicellular, or weakly branched conidiophores.
  10. While fighting between colonies and between different ant species is common, it is a behavior that is rare to non-existent in solitary aculeates hymenopterans.
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  1. having or resembling a stinger or barb; "aculeate insects such as bees and wasps"

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