actual displacement meaning in Hindi

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• वास्तविक भार विस्थापन
actual:    वस्तुतः वास्तविक
displacement:    खसकाना विस्थापन
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  1. For these vehicles, the actual displacement in liters is suffixed to the model designation.
  2. We also express the actual displacement.
  3. Optional engines included the four-barrel carbureted Turbo-Fire 350 CID V8 and had an actual displacement of 402 CID.
  4. "Stalwart " was designed with a displacement of 15, 000 tons, although her actual displacement was 15, 500 tons.
  5. Today, many numerical designations no longer reflect the engine's actual displacement but more of the relative performance and marketing position.
  6. Poor design and construction practices increased her actual displacement by more than . " Rostislav " became the world's first capital ship to burn fuel oil, rather than coal.
  7. They are not the same as the actual displacements in the system, which are caused by the resultant constraint and non-constraint forces acting on the particle to accelerate and move it.
  8. It is called virtual rather than real since no actual displacement can take place without the passage of time . " Also, virtual displacements are spatial displacements exclusively-time is fixed while they occur.
  9. Known variously as the Fireball and Skylark by Buick ( and as Rockette, Cutlass, and Turbo-Rocket by Oldsmobile ), the 215 had a bore spacing, a bore of, and a stroke of, for an actual displacement of.
  10. If they do not believe they are under the risk of actual displacement, they may worry about a loss of political control and the erosion of customs, rituals and institutions _ what Taylor calls " a way of living in black communities ."
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