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  1. Additionally, no one was promised anything of actual cash value other than their miracle car.
  2. Smart cards contain an embedded microprocessor whichholds an electronic purse that stores actual cash value.
  3. This person will have a realistic idea of the actual cash value of the trade.
  4. Consider this passage from the Allstate list, describing something called " actual cash value coverage ":
  5. HO8, also known as older home insurance, is likely to pay only actual cash value for damages rather than replacement.
  6. It is also important to determine whether an insurance policy provides replacement cost or actual cash value coverage, Moraga said.
  7. If it prevails, the Bank One group would receive a number of assets at a fraction of their actual cash value.
  8. GAP covers the difference between the depreciated actual cash value of a lost vehicle and the outstanding loan balance on the vehicle.
  9. It is wise, brokers say, to choose replacement coverage rather than actual cash value, even though premiums might be 10 percent to 15 percent higher.
  10. The actual cash value of such commitments runs usually about a penny or two on the dollar, or about $ 900, 000 in this case.
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