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  1. According to Paul Orose, Octavian commanded five cohorts at Actium.
  2. Before the Battle of Actium, Silanus went over to Octavianus.
  3. Spengler believes that the Magian pseudomorphosis began with the Battle of Actium.
  4. This Rostra was decorated with the rams from the Battle of Actium.
  5. And the naval Battle of Actium established the Roman empire under Augustus.
  6. On September 2, 31 BC, the Battle of Actium was fought.
  7. Octavian moved his soldiers across the Adriatic Sea to confront Antony near Actium.
  8. After the Battle of Actium, when sarcophagi, particularly those of children.
  9. In 31 BC, it fought in the Battle of Actium against Mark Antony.
  10. Before Actium, Polemon made peace with the triumvir Octavian and became his ally.
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