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  1. Nylon, PSF, tyre cord and acrylic fibre were all started during his time.
  2. Some acrylic fibres are more effective than others for this purpose.
  3. Besides the Zhejiang Acrylic Fibre Plant acquisition, Shanghai Petrochemical " is also looking at some companies and some plants,"
  4. The group is engaged in manufacturing and trading in Yarn, Greige and Processed Fabric, Sewing Thread, Acrylic fibre and Alloy steel.
  5. Shanghai Petrochemical said it's buying control of Zhejiang Acrylic Fibre Plant, which accounted for 35 percent of China's output last year.
  6. Shanghai Petrochemical's rally began after the company said Monday evening it signed a tentative accord to buy the Zhejiang Acrylic Fibre Plant.
  7. In more recent times, the hamper would likely be a plastic bag or acrylic fibre bag of a size that can be carried, with tinned or packaged goods.
  8. Apart from viscose staple fibre, the group also owns acrylic fibre businesses in Egypt and Thailand, viscose filament yarn businesses and spinning mills in India and South East Asia.
  9. Birla Group in Thailand manufactures a wide range of products including viscose staple fibre, acrylic fibre, synthetic yarn, textiles, carbon black, phosphates, hydrogen peroxide, epoxy resins, sodium metabisulphite and sodium sulphite.
  10. During the last two years, the group had poured US $ 200 million into its four manufacturing plants, Thai Carbon Black Plc, Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd, Thai Epoxy Allied Co Ltd and Thai Organic Chemicals Co Ltd.

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