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acid mine water sentence in Hindi

अम्लीय खनिजल
acid:    खटाई तेजाब ऐसिड
mine:    सुरंग बम आकर
mine water:    खदान-जल
water:    जलाशय तालाब पानी
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  1. Sulfate-reducing bacteria are considered as a possible way to deal with acid mine waters that are produced by other bacteria.
  2. Aerated surface water, rivers, lakes, oceans, rainwater and acid mine water, usually have oxidizing conditions ( positive potentials ).
  3. Acid mine water from mines is " incredibly " acidic ( pH values of-3.3 are common ); only a few millilitres leaching into your water tank could reduce the pH to 4.5, and it's quite possible that propynol might be used in the mining industry, getting mixed in with the runoff.

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