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  1. "It's the goo that precipitates out of the acid mine drainage ."
  2. Landslides and acid mine drainage are two principal hazards of the area.
  3. But the best solution for acid mine drainage may be the simplest.
  4. Acid mine drainage pollutes hundreds of miles of streams in Pennsylvania.
  5. The lower of Kettle Creek are affected by acid mine drainage.
  6. The Askam Borehole discharges of acid mine drainage per minute into Nanticoke Creek.
  7. Thus, copper mines are often major culprits of acid mine drainage.
  8. "Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans " is commonly found in acid mine drainage and mine tailings.
  9. Sugarloaf Creek is highly acidic due to its impairment by acid mine drainage.
  10. Mild amounts of acid mine drainage affect the West Branch and its tributaries.
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