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  1. Only the accusative case for indefinite masculine nouns is often marked.
  2. For morphosyntactic alignment, many Australian languages have nominative accusative case marking.
  3. In contrast, regular nouns do not have a distinct accusative case.
  4. Those orders are permitted in Sakha if accusative case is overtly expressed:
  5. That is, it isn't actually accusative case any more.
  6. This difference is observable only for masculine nouns in nominative or accusative case.
  7. In nominative accusative languages, the accusative case, which marks the patient ).
  8. Note that a morphologically distinct accusative case exists in Finnish only for the following pronouns:
  9. Me, him, her, us, them are mainly in the Accusative case.
  10. Westrobothnian has three grammatical genders in most dialects, two plural forms of accusative case.


  1. the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb

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