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  1. Accretionary lava balls as large as are common on a flows.
  2. The town of Arcata is built on top of an accretionary wedge.
  3. In contrast, all trenches with growing accretionary prisms are shallower than.
  4. accretionary prism between the subducting oceanic lithosphere and the overriding continental plate.
  5. This subduction has also created an accretionary wedge that forms the Makran region.
  6. In geodynamics the concept is used to explain tectonic observations in accretionary wedges.
  7. Possible sequence of an accretionary event involving an exotic terrane and a continental landmass.
  8. This region increases in compressional strength as it approaches the accretionary prism of the trench.
  9. Accumulations of wet, spherical ash known as accretionary lapilli is another common surge indicator.
  10. This section is composed of orthogonal magmatic accretionary segments linked by oblique amagmatic accretionary segments.
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