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  1. The American Accordionists'Association is always looking for new recruits.
  2. An accordionist serenades passersby with " Moscow Nights ."
  3. Another important folk musician of today is the accordionist Maria Kalaniemi.
  4. His cousin Jorge Dangond is the principal accordionist of the album.
  5. Angelo DiPippo is known as the World's Greatest Accordionist.
  6. There are jazz accordionists and those who play classical music.
  7. Will Holshouser is a lanky young accordionist with a shy stage manner.
  8. Ted Reichman, an accordionist and composer, saw the opportunity there.
  9. His grandfather, also an accordionist, gave Brent his first accordion.
  10. On a cruise ship, he befriended a Russian accordionist.


  1. a musician who plays the accordion

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