according to rule meaning in Hindi

according to rule sentence in Hindi

according:    के अनुसार अनुसार
according to:    के अनुसार के
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
rule:    विधि अधिमान
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  1. I do my work diligently, according to rules and procedures.
  2. And that means adjudicating disputes according to rules, not force.
  3. And they have to be displayed according to rules of protocol.
  4. Since when asking to act according to Rules is something abusive?
  5. The balance thereafter must devolve according to rules of intestate succession.
  6. According to rule 509F, that ball was dead.
  7. According to rules, the suit cannot be made of two different materials,
  8. Relationships may be inferred between data according to rules specified in domain ontologies.
  9. According to rules, a fully state-owned bank cannot operate in Thailand.
  10. The House Bank functioned according to rules different from the laws governing deposit institutions.
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