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  1. As a final touch to this sonata, the acciaccatura inserted.
  2. For example, Prokofiev's before-the-beat acciaccaturas.
  3. In tone clusters, the notes are sounded fully and in unison, distinguishing them from acciaccaturas and the like.
  4. If the music is fast the number of shakes will be reduced, or even converted to a modern-day acciaccatura.
  5. It is also called a "'long appoggiatura "'to distinguish it from the short appoggiatura, the acciaccatura.
  6. As either an acciaccatura, grace notes occur as notes of short duration before the sounding of the relatively longer-lasting note which immediately follows them.
  7. The " Appoggiatura " (; ) is an added note that is important melodically ( unlike the acciaccatura ) and suspends the principal note by subtracting from its time-value.
  8. In contrast to the acciaccatura, the appoggiatura is important melodically and often suspends the principal note by taking away the time-value of the " appoggiatura " prefixed to it.
  9. After six bars it settles down in the vicinity of middle C . Running up to an acid semitonal acciaccatura in both hands, the piano goes over into a sprint of octave-chords and single notes, jumping manically up and down the keyboard twice a bar.
  10. The Canone is interrupted by the opening of the short, central Scherzino, in which four elements dominate : a side drum rhythm, an acciaccatura flick, an upward moving two voice which drops downwards at its peak, and a sliding-down thematic fragment in the bass.
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  1. an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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