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  1. Q . How does this private-market, open-access structure operate?
  2. The main research work of CP-ABE is focused on the design of the access structure.
  3. This provides the so-called threshold access structure.
  4. Only subgroups of participants contained in the access structure, are able to join their shares to recompute the secret.
  5. The Norwegian National Rail Administration therefore decided to also build an access structure to the northern side of the platforms.
  6. "' Access structures "'are used in the study of security system where multiple parties need to work together to obtain a resource.
  7. With time slipping away, however, shuttle managers decided to bring the countdown to a halt so that a large worker access structure could be swiveled around the shuttle.
  8. For the assembly of the ACCESS structure, the astronauts were secured to a mobile platform on the Remote Manipulator System, which was guided by astronaut Mary L . Cleave.
  9. Whilst one of these courtyards is occupied by the access structures for the railway station below, others contain a dancing fountain and a grove of 40 London Plane trees, and are accessible to passengers and other terminal visitors.
  10. Wikidata is a new Wikimedia project that will provide an infrastructure to store and access structured data for use in Wikipedia articles, similar to the way that Wikimedia Commons stores and provides public access to multimedia files today.

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