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क्रमिक अभिगम स्मृति
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
memory:    धारणा याद यादगार
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  1. Samsung is the world's largest maker of dynamic random access memory chips.
  2. This stands for megabytes of random access memory, the more the better.
  3. Typical CMOS Static random-access memory ( SRAM ) consists of 6 transistors.
  4. Some SSDs use magnetoresistive random-access memory ( MRAM ) for storing data.
  5. The software doesn't actually double the random access memory in a computer.
  6. The plant manufactures 4-and 16-megabyte dynamic random access memories for Texas Instruments.
  7. Most of the general-purpose random-access memory ( RAM ) is volatile.
  8. How quickly people can access memories might be another way to measure it.
  9. Eight megabytes was the minimum for random-access memory for both machines last year.
  10. The newest plant will produce 64-megabit dynamic random access memory chips, Pao said.
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